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MinBin - Austin Morris Mini 1000 [dead]

Well, this is my baby. MinBin - a stage 3 998 that may have gone pop on the M6.

Prior to this incident he looked pretty damn good - but I am going to make some changes while an engine rebuild is underway.

Fully deseamed shell
Sports pack arches and skirts
Zeemax rep bumpers
Fibreglass bonnet with unneeded bulge and handy bonnet pins
Crystal headlights
MK1 Grille no surround
BMW Mini R56 Spoiler (that the breakers said would never fit so knocked a few quid off)
8" cherrybomb with heart shaped tailpiece
Frenched rear lights
10x7" weller 4 spokes and lovely Falken tyres

Suzuki baleno seats (the fake bucket sort)
TRS 4 point harnesses (bright orange)
Fibreglass dash
KOSO bike speedo (in the centre where it should be)
Sound system missing at present as I sold it
C pillar harness bar

Drums all around (front disc conversion waiting)
Goodridge hoses (in lovely orange to match the subframes)
Stage 3 head
Hi lift cam
4 core rad
Corsa B heater matrix behind grille
Pipercross filter
Custom profiled needle and slightly worked carb (single SU)
Uprated mani's
Uprated steadies
Polybushed and stainless steel every fitting I could

haha bug away :) i'll be getting this sorted this summer (just got a pay rise today WOOO) so expect lots of pics and me looking confused.
its minus the front bumper and stickers atm, ripped them off lol

Going to rework the bumpers a bit, more race inspired. The micra is my practical every day car, so this is just going to be pure fun. And MORE LOWS! Everyone loves lows :D
i want to close the arch gap a bit, the shocks are so stiff on it if you bounce a wing the gap doesn't change it just jumps the wheel up
this will be a few months at least, depends how fubar'd the engine is. But looks like i may have a biiiig job coming my way soon so that'll cover it all. Date a politician, gets you work lol
On the banner side of Dilligaf Decals :) I get random bits of work here and there for local stuff. This looks promising if it pans out - could possibly buy a fresh rebuilt engine.
well no, but it depends if money wise it makes more sense to have it done than do it. Will see when the engines in bits in a couple of weeks :)
Small update - found an engine. Less than 9k on it. One owner. Recent rear end.

Woohoo grand total £160. Gotta love the bf and his negotiating skills.
Oh look - its even my avi. Crazy ;)

I'd never go non-a series in my mini. Its destined to be a road legal track car and I love the a series.

No mini no modern day car.