Need a gearbox! (K11 1.0L 2001 Auto)

Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My Micra is showing the following problems (listed below) and therefore I am looking for a replacement gearbox if anyone can point me in the right direction. There is just 1 on eBay but a long way away and the postage costs would make it over £220. Surely one can be found cheaper?

  • Hissing noise coming from throttle body which sounds like a humming or whining noise while driving.
  • Loss of power. I have to put my foot flat to floor to set off. If I try reversing on a hill from a standstill the car literally can’t even set off.
  • When driving down a flat road it’s not too bad but once you get to about 30 it feels like it drops into 5th gear and all momentum is lost.
  • Using excessive fuel but that’s probably down to amount of revving I am doing just to get going.
  • Error code p-1753 showing.
  • Kangaroos from gear to gear sometimes, especially on hills when it seems to be struggling


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best to ask the breaker guys on the micra facebook pages
the cvt type changed in 2000 btw