K11 Loss of Power

I’m at a loss with my Micra. Had it years and never had a major fault but last week I accidentally went through some flood water as it was dark and never even saw it coming.

The car is a 2001 K11 1.0 60hp CVT Auto.

A few miles or so later I was driving on the motorway home at around 70mph. The car slipped out of gear and was just revving as if I had slipped it into neutral. It finally found gear again but ever since I have had the following problem:
  • Hissing noise coming from throttle body which sounds like a humming or whining noise while driving.
  • Loss of power. I have to put my foot flat to floor to set off. If I try reversing on a hill from a standstill the car literally can’t even set off.
  • When driving down a flat road it’s not too bad but once you get to about 30 it feels like it drops into 5th gear and all momentum is lost.
  • Using excessive fuel but that’s probably down to amount of revving I am doing just to get going.​
  • Error code p-1753 showing.​
  • Kangaroos from gear to gear sometimes, especially on hills when it seems to be struggling​
  • Looking like an absolute tool at junctions and traffic lights when I set off at 0.03mph 😡
Also worth mentioning that if you turn the car off completely and remove the key, leave it for a little while when it restarts it works perfectly for around 2 minutes. Then it reverts back to all the problems listed above. I took the car to a mechanic and he said he wasn’t too sure what it could be after driving it and inspecting it but he did say possibly the gearbox and recommended a gearbox specialist. The car is only worth about £600 so obviously I need to be careful of what I’m spending as it may end up on the scrap pile 😭
That error is for the clutch solenoid. Might be dirty or low transmission fluid or some water in the connector
Am I right in thinking the only way to sort this is to remove the gearbox, strip it down and replace the solenoids? Or just replace the gearbox completely? No quicker less costly fixes?


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have you checked the level ?
i did a flood damaged k11 that had strawberry milkshake for auto fluid
have you checked the level ?
i did a flood damaged k11 that had strawberry milkshake for auto fluid
Hi Frank. Yes I changed the transmission oil with fresh and put 3L in which looked good on the dip stick. I didn’t change the transmission oil filter though. The old oil that came out did look bad but not terrible.