MSC Midlands Meet - *Star City* - 19th January 2014

Hey everyone,

Its been a while since we all met up at Star City so I thought we could all have a nice meet again. I haven't really done much to my Micra but it would be nice to see everyone again.

Hope you can all make it!

Here's the details:

Date: Sunday 19th January 2014
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Star City, Birmingham

  • Jamesking56 (K11)
  • Dougyledds (K11)
  • Frank
  • Roadstermatt (K11S)
I wouldn't mind coming to this, my misses also wants to come with me in my car but my mum wants to come in her Mk1 Cube, it's March based if that helps!


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Yeah I can't afford the petrol it turns out, might have over-stretched my budget buying the new car this month...

ashley sw

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With me doing about 15 hours work combined over 2 jobs tomorrow I won't be able to make it on sun as I will most likely be in bed till dinner time on sun

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good to see everyone yesterday, shame the convoy got a little mixed up, but at least we got there in the end:) , hope the guys/gals from leeds didn't become separated from the group and get lost, just you all decided to make your way home (sorry if you did get lost) look forward to the next meet :)