Birmingham Meet-Sunday 20th of January *Star City*

JoeK11 said:
Worked for me... I'm not signed up or anything... What were you using to download?
I downloaded on download file like others. It won't help me to open this file.(it said unknown icon and won't be able to show these pics)

Anyway leave it so Tom might upload later on when he done his project.
Sorry guys. I've taken the files down for copyright. Recently I've had people taking my photos and claiming them as their own so I very RARELY upload non-watermarked photos now. I only upload the originals for you guys because it's kept within the community and I trust you are all responsible enough to not be dicks basically. But yes, feel free to make it look like James has friends and add him on Facebook ;) Watermarked (full-size) versions are on my deviantART and available on request (free of charge of course :) Unless you're nice and want to kindly donate (nice plug there Tom... aha)).
Again, apologies for taking it down and having to put watermarks on. But some people have ruined it for everyone else - and it's none of you that have ruined it ^^
Hope to see you guys and girls again soon sometime!