Birmingham Meet 23rd June 2013 - Star City

Hey guys!

How have you been? I thought it was about time for another meet at Star City!

Sunday 23rd June 2013 at Star City Birmingham. Meet at 1pm.

Let me know if you can / can't come below!

Attending list:
  • Jamesking56
  • Enuo
  • VitzJoe (Maybe)
  • Dougyledds

Hope to see you there :)
Stick us down for a maybe, but I got to tax the crapper at the end of the month, and I need to get some tyres for my grids n all at some point so gonna be skint I should think

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Glorified Electrician
Get your missus to drive, then we can see pics of you asleep in the car :p
How about before she has a chance you say she kidnapped them and you rescued them and took them to the safety of a micra meet
Yeah sorry I would be there but I'm busy spotting neglected micras in crete... And the rented car had to be back too soon :(
We normally have about 10+ just seems pointless you coming from Bristol just for one other person to be there I'm going to get one organized for end of next month