Birmingham Meet-Sunday 20th of January *Star City*

Hi Guys and Gals!


Following the success of the last star city cruise and the call for a new year meet I think it's time to act upon it!

When-Sunday 3rd of February at 1pm

Where-Star City Birmingham (B7 5SB)

What-Meet people old and new, learn new bits and bobs, get ideas, eat some food (McDonald's/KFC) and take some sweet photos of you're pride and joy!

Meet in the McDonald's car park for 1 and then we can mooch over to our little spot out of the way, and when evening approaches the multi story opens up!

Anyone with lowes worried about speed bumps-doug managed very well and his is lower than the low low so all welcome low and high!

Spread the word and let's start 2013 for the MSC with a bang!

Thanks all,
Don't want to hijack the thread, but I will be taking photos again (unless it's pouring down). Is there anyone here who DOES NOT want pictures of their car or their faces. Of course number plates will be blanked out. Drop me a message if you have any questions. Looking forward to it though! Let's hope the weather holds back :D


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Would you guys open arms to a tatty almera gti driver, promise I do have a Micra... its SORN at the mo, working on it slowly!
Plus I'm looking for inspiration!! Micra inspiration I mean :)
Don't know if I'll be able to make it in the vibe, it's started making a horrible knocking noise from the drivers side front wheel area :(
Is there anyone who ISNT working on their car before this meet? lol im doing the cams and spraying up a new rocker cover and fitting/spraying my strut brace!
Work that needs doing?

Bump strip glue needs removing
Knocking noise needs finding and fixing
12v power source needs fitting
Exhaust needs sorting

Oh and it needs a bloody good clean
Hoping to get to this one but with the run of luck I'm having at the moment I'll be lucky if I've got a car at all! :mad:


Woopa Pandastyle!
its the first monday of every month mate, i always go.. first time ive ever seen more micras than me tho :) its ace tbf


Woopa Pandastyle!

Anyone local ish needs to come down to the Dudley meets, just got a whole lot better with me not being the only Micra there aswell :D
not sure if I can make this yet depends on how much I get paid I should know by the Wednesday/Thursday before the meet