Joint N/East meet Sunday 30 January 2011

Hey guys I'm Mark from the almera owners club (AOC),I'm lookin into setting up a Joint Nissan Meet

I've spoken to Timba of Japnortheast, who has kindly allowed us to join there monthly meet

We will have a deadicated area within there meet allowing us to showcase the Nissan brand

Date Sunday 30 January 2011, starting at 2:00pm gives people the chance to travel in good time

Full meeting place address is
Nissan Sports and Social Club
Nissan Uk
Washington Road
Tyne and Wear


Out door seating area and grassed areas.
kids play area.
Toilet facilitys.
Bar open to all.
Food available from the bar also
Also on site is an outdoor play area for the kids with a viewing area from the social club. Starting at 2pm till when ever.

Clubs that have been informed of meet so far

Almera owners club
Primera owners club
200sx owners club
nissan sunny owners club
pulsar Gti-r modifiers club
300zx club
GTR owners club
Micra sports club
350z-uk = 350/370z
And more to come

If interested in joining the day add your name to the list please

1. Wolverine (AOC)
2. Chrisc (AOC)
3.inahole (AOC)
4. wezzly (AOC/Gti-r)
5. dj durex (AOC)
6. Big Ant (AOC)
7. Knightrider (AOC)
8. MikeyN (AOC)

9. Mandyn (skylineO.Com)
10. Nrcrobbo (skylineO.Com)
11. Clyde (skylineO.Com)
12. R32GTR (skylineO.Com/plus poss in a 300zx aswell)
13. Gizmo's Nistune (skylineO.Com)
14. lee Hammond (skylineO.Com)
15. Jester (skylineO.Com)
16. H8 TWD (skylineO.Com)
17. chris23gtr (skylineO.Com)
18. hesh (skylineO.Com)
19. rarche2002 (skylineO.Com)

20. williams (Gti-r modifiers club)
21. johnsy (Gti-r modifiers club)
22. shroom (Gti-r modifiers club)
23. johnygtir (Gti-r modifiers club)
24. Flat_in_5th (Gti-r modifiers club)

25. VigilanteSte (sxoc)
26. LewyS14a (sxoc)
27. paul_88 (sxoc)
28. Ian_83 (sxoc)

29. pbryant_knight (300zx)
30. lil Stevie (300zx)
31. stellaZ (300zx)

32. R35LEE +1 (350z-uk)
33. Elfman (350z-uk)

34. add name here...

hope you guys can join us :)

Hello for some you will regonise the name for others I'm Timba I part own JNE (japnortheast)

I've found its necessary to join up and clarify the posts above etc as its potentially going to cause me head ache's with Nissan as it's my responsibility for our meets at NMUK.

Basically Mark had contacted Nissan Sports and Social club to try to arrange this event. But with it being to close to what JNE do, they where reluctant to allow the event to go ahead.

So basically to allow it to happen I've arranged our January meet on the 30th and have placed Nissan as a marque of the month to allow everyone attending this "joint nissan meet" to park up together (basically a meet in a meet)

I hope this clears things up some what

Many thanks Timba


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Wow, thats a trek and a half, It'd be fun though! Is anyone on here going to make there way up there from the club?


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as its far from down south,we should have 4 to a car an all chip in for fuel?
any takers?


Nope, you might get Solarice along, but that's it. I can't make it unfortunately, and I think the only other active North Rep is also busy.
hey guys just a reminder that its the nissan marque on sunday at the nissan sports plant, at 2pm i really hope more of you guys can make it on the day ;)

cheers wolve :)


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heres some pics of the meet from yesterday thanks to Wolverine @ the AOC enjoy(Y)