Turbo my k11 1L

Well lads, first time posting but iv been reading up on putting a turbo on my 1L 2001 micra as here in Ireland the 1.3 engine is a rare sight impossible to get a hold of.
I know people are going to say your better of doing an engine transplant but im dead set on snailing the 1L cause theres nothing like this over here in Ireland. Something different,
Anyone able to walk me through exactly how to go about it?
Or links to a build thread for a turbo 1L?
Thanks in advance lads


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jas did a cg10+t (roxy thread) and paul smith had one too, and i built one a while back, but was,nt very impressed tho :)
Thanks lad, is the original engine able to handle the turbo? Id like to turbonit but im also driving approx 50miles a day so would need a reliable set up n not drinkn the petrol

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aye, the peak cylinder pressures are lower on the 1.0, so it,ll handle a bit more boost than the 1.3,s do
and you will only use more petrol when running boost (full throttle or over 80 mph) the other 90% of the time when daily driving you will be running negative boost, and doing the same mpg
Do youv a build thread fron when you done yours? I want to have a go at doing it myself bu my mechanical knowledge is fairly basic

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What did ye do here? Get a secound manifold, and weld the exhaust side of the turbo too it?
How do you control when the turbo kicks in?

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