knocking noise??

my micra has a knocking noise which is annoying me!
when i am turning on full lock at low speeds (forward and reverse) i get a knocking noise! im thinking driveshafts?? as the cv joints were replaced at the last mot! any other suggestions??
hi i had that once with my old fiesta found out it was the wheel nuts where loose try tightening yours if that doesnt work then im not sure??


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yeah does sound like the cv's, mines gone and it does this. Just bought a new driveshaft as im lazy and its easier to do the whole shaft. Just gotta fit it now :glare:
cheers peoples! im going to check the cv's tommorrow but i had hoped seeing as they were changed 8 months ago they would be ok! but if not i will have to change them!
i will also check the wheels nuts as ihave changed a wheel recently!