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  • hey up mate are you interested in the trafford centre car park meet up this sunday? check details on the midlands meets forum, its the fortnightly meetup one. it would be really good if we can get a good turn out. try your best to come mate.


    :blues:ryan aka stokie1985:blues:
    Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! when you next free? I really need help stripping the Sr and doing the engine transplant so let me know when you're free buddy :)
    Hi mate, new on here and just looking through the garages, very nice wheels, are they off an Suzuki Ignis sport by any chance? If so, do they fit straight on? Cheers, Danny
    #### i missed you, have my number mate and drop me a text in advance when you know you're next coming down (Y)

    07791213863 and im matt if i havent said already
    Safe man, havent spoke in a while
    when you next in bristol? itching to meet some micra people :p

    should try and get a bit of a meet going lol :)
    Whos that? havent been on here long enough to find out whos local to me lol
    Summer holidays not too far away mind (Y)
    Yeah could happen lol when you coming down next? test isnt till 15th June and thats if i pass 1st time... lol
    but a meet would be cool
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