K13 BC Coilovers

Hi All

I am looking at getting some BC Coilovers for my K13, I just wanted to ask if anyone has already got these and how low you can get them (I ideally need them to go very low).

Cheers all tired of running these dodgy cut springs 😬

I did what you are doing and it ruined the car, had to Jack it back up because of speed bumps and pot holes, it also completely screwed up the front camber and I had to order special bolts from demon tweeks. I've just gone for the eibach lowering springs and vogtland shocks now and it's great for track and road. Unfortunately I sold the coilovers to someone, or you could of had them. Autodoc do the springs.

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I'm also looking for coilovers for the same car, this cutting of springs is really not OK :)
I'm in South Africa in Johannesburg but I'm not winning, I've searching but no luck.
I'm thinking to get something form out the country.
Please recommend.