Good to be back here

Well Its been some years since I've posted up anything, and wow reading my posts on the Nissan Micra Ally I had back then in 2013.. That I sold on a year or so after.
I have owned ever since a K11 Nissan Micra Celebration which has been an exceptional motor and work horse. The car owes me nothing has around 80,000 on the clock passed every MOT until 2019 where it failed, so had to do some welding to get it through.
2020 went through MOT no probs and is running perfectly.
I was about to get rid of the car as interested in a Nissan Juke, but thought I can get one of them any time..
So have instead decided to repair a few things and hang onto it Its still in very good condition, just needs a good tidy up.
I also owned a Blue, as well as a white Micra K11 and with the Red one.. Called them the Japanese Job after the The original Italian Job Movie.
Absolutely one of the best small cars ever made, and many who see them on the roads who think this is slow NO!!!!! It's 16Valve,
I'll jkeep this Celebration model running for as long as I can.. what the heck do i want a new car for?