Fitting a sony car stereo in a 51 plate k11 micra?? HELP!!

Hey guys,

Great forum you have here, i'm posting cos i'm in need of some help!!

My girlfriend has a nice k11 nissan micra with the standard (blaupunkt) stereo. I have bought her a nice Sony cdx-gt410 stereo for it and want to fit it in for her. This is where i am having problems.

I have so far bought two of the wrong harness adaptors for it (the pc2774 and then pc 2764) but have now ordered what is the right one Pc2134 or something like that (it fits into the ford maverick as well apparently)

My main problem is i'm unsure how to actually fit it and hope someone can help me.

I know how to take the old stereo, i take out the centre console, then unbolt the 4 screws that hold the old stereo in place.

What i dont understand is how i put the new stereo in. Sonys have a cage, and in a previous car i fitted one in this cage just slotted in the snug space. However in this micra there is a HUGE gaping gap, so if you whack the cage in it'll more than likely just drop down into the gap.

Has anyone fitted in a sony stereo in their micra? what did they do?

Does the cage have to be flush with the bolts or should you not insert it fully and then try use those fold out bits in the cage?
Is there any way of bolting the sony stereo in?

Any help would be much appreciated (and photos even more doing this kinda work is soooo not my day job!! :) )

Thanks guys.


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hey Nikhil,
i fitted a sony cd player in my micra, the cage goes through the front console panel first and into the space behind, you should then be able to bend the appropriate bits of metal to secure in cage and slot the stereo straight in also securing it by bending in bits of the cage. the cd player will still sit in nicely with out bending in any bits of the cage but it just makes it harder for thieves to get at it ;) the plastic face plate can then by fitted to the front which hides the front of the metal cage.

hope this helps mate, as i a say thats just how i did it and it works for me, someone else on here may be able to tell you a better way, but thats the only way i saw to do it, if you still dont manage to get it sorted ill get some pics for you, good luck ;)
Hi forky,

Thanks for replying. So did you not take the front console off first? I tried pushing the cage through the front console but it didn't look like it was gonna go in (just) i could force it through though.

If you could get some pics for me that would be SOOOOO helpful!! I'm in the process of gettin the replacement harness adaptor so will be trying to fit it in during friday maybe.

To me it looks like the cage might fall through, but if you think it wont i'll try give it a go.

Thanks for your help, i look forward to seeing the pics!!

A pic showing how the metal cage sits in would be really helpful too mate....thanks for all this!!


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yes i took it off to have a look behind and to take the old stereo out, while the front console was off i pushed the cage through the front, yeah your right i forgot how much of a tight fit it was till just now when i tried to take it out to take some pics lol but thats a good thing it stays in place ;)

next push it right in so the front lip of the cage sits on the front of the console panel:

once its fully in you can connect the wires and then slide the cd player into the cage:
once you know it all fits ok you can then play about with fixing the cage to the cd player if you want to, best way to do this is to take it all out knowing how far the cd player goes into the cage and to bend the outside bits of metal on the cage inwards to secure it to the cd player, then slot it back (the cd player and the cage as one) this is up to you though :D

i hope this helps Nikhil, let me know how you get on
Thanks so much Forky. I think you've got a slightly newer dash to what my gf has. She has the one that looks like the one on this website:

I will try installing it when i next see her (and after getting the correct harness adaptor...3rd time lucky!!) Will do it the same way you have.

thanks for all your help mate. If i get stuck i know who i'll come and ask!! :)
Sorry to resurrect a totally dead thread here, but do you know what the right adapter was?
I've been to halfords and got the PC2-76-4 and 77-4 models and they're definitely not right.

Banging my head off a wall here, got the old unit out, and got the new one just sitting around waiting to go in.
The iso plugs from halfords don't replicate the original colours of your harness but all the same it's just plug and play .there are 2 different iso cables for the micra just take a picture of your radio harness a get the correct one £11:99 halfords also make sure the Ariel is plugged in and bingo

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