F/S: Bilstein Streetline Suspension Lowering Kit


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Item: Bilstein Streetline Suspension Lowering Kit
Location: Hartlepool
Condition: used
Reason for selling:
Price: £200 + p&p

Ready to fit Bilstein Streetline Kit complete with standard front top hat, bumpstop, dust cover and rear bumpstop/dust cover, strut has a mounting point for the ABS cable.

Features Apex progressive wound springs for a comfortable ride during urban driving yet firms up progressively to reduce pitching/rolling during spirited driving.

Lowers the front ride height approx 40mm and rear ride height approx 25mm (spare tyre was removed) from standard.

Has covered 28k, used as a daily and on afew trackdays

blog link to when I first fitted it

how it handled on first trackday at rockingham



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Without brownnosing Paul i ran this kit (still run the dampers) for 2 years & they are very good :)
Indeed ;)

I do remember handling-wise the rear damper may have seemed abit too high (prob rebound) n the back end can get slightly loose over a very bumpy long radius corner during normal driving (cold tyres), although the rear weight distribution was prob too light from removing the spare tyre etc so no weight on the rear wheels.

In comparison my current BC coilover handles the same corner fine even at full hard damper setting