Computer problem, help please :(

according to my computer my c:drive was getting dangerously full and i reckon the computer knows itself better than i do, so i downloaded a c:drive cleaner from google, did a smashing job, it deleted bloody everything :(
all my emails
my contacts
my music
my pictures
my c.v.
all my details
and so on and so on...

i was looking at file retrieval on google and it looks unlikely that im going to get everything back but there is a hope of getting some of it back. im wondering has anyone done this before or could they recommend a program because im sceptical as to whether some of these programs could be there with just the sole intention to steal my personal info...

or is there a way to retrieve them from the land of 0's and 1's without using a 3rd party internet program?

im using vista basic and google chrome :D

PLEASE help guys :D
thanks, Andy.


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try doing a system restore to a earlier date. you should have manually uninstalled programs yourself from add/remove.
dont fret andy, all is well ;)

nothing was actually deleted, i would say a 99% chance the program you downloaded has corrupted the file table on the drive, all you'll need is a program that can look past the filestructure and retrieve the files...

However, for best results you will need another PC running XP or above (vista/win7) and run the program from there.

could you list some specs/software info etc etc, might help pin it down abit better ;)


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when my external hard drive was corrupted i plugged the drive into another computer and used GetDataBack or File Scavenger to scan the entire drive and retrieve the data back. takes awhile to scan depending on the size but check with these programs if ya need to subscribe before data could be recovered after scanning or if ur only allowed to copy few files during 30day trial.