After Micra advice for kit car donor use

Hi guys n girls. I've got a Midas Gold Convertible (supposed to use an old A series engine from a metro). After looking at various small cars to use so I can bring the car into the 21st century I decided to use a micra. I remember when the K11 used to sell for 200 quid but that seems to have changed drastically. So big question what's the pros and cons of K11 vs K12 and secondly am I right in thinking the only difference between the 1.0 and 1.3 K11 is the crank stroke? Basically I want best bang for my buck in terms of power from straight install and doing mods (I find messing with engines therapeutic because I'm weird). Any help and advice appreciated. P.S I wont break a good 1 as I know that's sacrilige, I'll be after 1 that's got rot or every panels knackered
K11 is alot easier technically. With a non nats ecu (The pre facelift half size ecu's) its easy to swap into something else. Thats alot harder with the k12 engine due to alot of electronic stuff like immobilizer, electric throttlebody.

Pistons, crank, and rods are all different between the 1.0 and 1.3. A 1.3 with 1.0 pistons and a facelift (1998-2000) 1.0 flywheel (and gearbox if you like short ratio's) should run nicely. The 1.0 pistons are flat on the top and increase compression ratio. The 1.0 facelift flywheel is lighter and a direct bolt on.