newbie, after advice and a K11!

Hi guys ! I'm new here, I'm looking to buy a micra K11, I'm 18, and currently driving a bmw e46 coupe, which is costing me a fortune to run and insure, so I'm after a micra for a bit of fun, I've got a few questions tho, what's the best engine ? And also ill be looking to modify it.. so a few more questions !

I know corsa b coilovers fit the front, what shall I use on the rear ?
I'm looking to go very low and am after some deep dish/euro wheels, 13", what shall I get and what is a direct fit?
What is the best exhaust system to get?
And how much does it roughly cost for all the parts for a turbo conversion ?

Thanks guys :)


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hi lewis :)
most of us retain the coil-aside setup on the rear, and the turbo conversion is an open question really, mine owes me a couple of hundred but you can easily spend thousands