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Hey Peeps,

Thought i would break my forum virginity on a biggie so here it goes.

After having a major front end in the fast lane off the M25 a few weeks ago my L reg K11 1.3 LX is in a bad way. It pushed the whole front end in about 6 inches, both lamps are toast, the rad is so bent i cant throw it away cos the ###### keeps coming back. other than that my only concern is the structural damage that may have been caused.

I think it has pushed the drivers side back a few millimeters cos now my drivers door while still working fine catches slightly as it closes.

The main front strut on under the front bumper is intact and no creases however it got pressed down by about 1cm.

I have replaced the rad, the lamps and done a reasonable job with the lump hammer getting the wings and bonnet to fit while i await the insurance payout.

They have thankfully given me a cat C or enthusiast repair settlement. Which mean they give me the value of the car less the scrap value of 20%, but i get to keep the car. So i have enough to get the body work sorted and still some cash for goodies.

Anyone got any advice on what i should be cautious of as i know my MOT is due in a month and last thing i need is to be without the car.

Thank in advance and special thanks to those whose advice i have already gleaned from on here.


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If the door has mooved back then the A pillar is bent back lower down, i would have it jigged to make sure its all square and straight and go from there.


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Check the cross member for damage, any structural damage and your aswell scrapping it mate, Would you feel safe driving it? It may never handle the same again.

Stick it on a jig and get it straightened out then find out from there.

Hard to tell without pics m8.



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Speaking to bodyshops, if the front chassis legs are twisted they can still be straightened out, there words were something along the lines of "as long as its not behind the suspension turrets it would be fine"

Sticking it on a jig can be costly though, but if they have said its a cat c then it should be worth repairing.
Hi mate...When i got my micra its front end had been smashed in...Both front chassis legs had bent in Looked a right mess, But me and my boss had a bash at it...on the jig...think it took us about 4 nights we got it all stright and i got me self some old parts off another silver k11....Wacked them Jobs a Good'en. Hears a few pics :D


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Thanks for all the great advice peeps.

Yeah its safe to drive, the engineers report had it marked as road worthy and even got pulled by the police doing VOSA checks a few weeks back and given the thumbs up..

I have however brainwaved over the last few days and considered selling it for a few hundred quid, taking the insurance cash and getting something better. By better i mean newer and not one thats had a prang. :p Of course it will be a micra either that or a classic mini.

But the costly thing if i choose to fix it is the jigging. So either way im kinda torn what route to take. i have some pics and will post them after half term as its gonna be havoc for the next week.