Adding speakers

Hi I want to add extra speakers and I am stuck on where to fit them I do not wish to have them in the rear shelf which is obviously the most common option I have a Sony head unit with standard front speakers I’m not looking to do anything to special just want to add some extra speakers in the rear of the car any ideas or suggestions

Thanks in advance
Tbh the parcel shelf is a factory place with wiring and the boot acts as a bass box
Only other place is the rear panels but they probs rattle and such both panel and possibly car
Yeah I’ve seen them in the rear panels they don’t look overly good if I’m honest and I know what your saying about parcel shelf just hate the look of it that’s all haha , and that was my next questions there is no wiring for rear speakers in my car I’ve checked where the loom should be located behind the boot carpet drivers side and it’s not there and when I checked the original radio loom when I compared it to a diagram there is no rear speaker wires in the loom either is this normal ?
What year and spec?,
And yeah, it's just really that the best place , I got tweeters rear speakers, and a twin sub and it's brilliant for what it is , only other place of 3door is.the rear panels or.possibly rear.doors if 5door?
2002 it will have the wiring , since 98 they pretty much standardized the wiring for options ,
Well probs be muffled by the seats and shelf
Weird? Should be there like, anyways
Stock rear speakers are pretty good can give bass and decent volume , basically it's easily doubles the stock sound and tweeters would not go a miss, there is wiring for them (should be as all fro n 98 are fitted with them)
Tho a pair a 6x9 up to 45/50rms will give a some more bass to (got some song xplod ones on a second shelf and those make what ever is o. Th he shelf dance lol,
also there is defiantley no wiring in boot for the rear speakers my car didnt come with factory rear parcel shelf spekers is this why there is no wiring loom , eithier way i can run new speaker wires im considering just buying a factory shelf with speakers and using that would that be the best idea as i dont want to mount new speakers in the current shelf as they have a tedancy to not be strong enough as the speakers are usualy to heavy and the shelf then tends to bend in the centre.
Strange just to make sure behind the o/s carpet were the light is , to the left/ wheeled there's a metal bracket it hangs there
The coil pack shelf s seem to hold up well with added speakers just the older models don't so much depends on what you use tho, for normal under 50rms speakers won't be a problem, and the tweeters are in the A pillar a few inches off the dash
Those ones are factory tweeters, they were fitted to a the higher spec same as the rear speakers , they are also fairly loud for stock,
I'm running both and a sub, and the speakers alone are surprisingly good specially with a good head unit,
I've got like 3 pairs laying about , among many thing haha😅
But if you pop the A pillar from off there should be a grown plug near the dash, and the tweeters unit screws in theatre and just pop the new trim on
that sound system is epic , if i buy a factory parcel shelf with the speakers already in can i pop the covers and replace them ones with upgraded ones, reason for this is because the standard shelves with no speakers cant handle the weight of aftermarket speakers being fitted to them plus i want the factory look??
Yeah, can just swap the speakers inside and keep the covers, and stock shelfs, warp by them selfs, only heavy aftermarket wrap it worse,really , my sony xplod 6x9 haven't been a problem is a spare shelf
Also definatley no rear speaker cable it’s rather strange
I recently bought a 52 plate K11 which I was also convinced didn't have any rear speaker wires because there weren't any in the usual place. But sometimes the rear of the car can have work done to it by previous owner and the wires can get relocated really far down the arch etc.

You are looking behind the carpet behind the driver side tail light right?
I’m looking in the correct place im a used car dealer by trade I’ve had plenty of k11 over the years on the site , I’ve checked the loom in the radio and we’re the rear speaker wires should be in the loom they are not present which must indicate that there was no wires fitted to the vehicle originally