1997 Micra Door panel removal

Hi all,

Could anyone explain to me in very simple terms as to how I remove the door panels on my 1997 Micra. I am no car expert but want to update speakers without damaging the panel. I know there are poppers around the door but the rest is all new to me

many thanks in advance

Frank, many thanks but to be honest that thread confused me rather then enlightned me *sorry I did say I was no car buff* Thanks anyway.
1997 aint a facelift is it? Haynes should have some solid examples, its screwes in the door handle isnt it, luffers get a picture.
Ok this is what I read about the process and but dont know how (again really sorry for being so dumb)

1. remove winder handle (how do I do this)
2. remove door opener trim (presume just pop it out with a small flat head?)
3. remove door handle (is this right if so how)
3. remove arm rest (pop out by using brute force and large flat heads)
4. pop clips around the door panel (carefully)

Mr Migs, I will sort out some pics tomorrow, basicly looks like the pics on your thread just a more horrid colour scheme :)