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  • Hi mate, am the current owner of you old super s, shes a great wee car, I just wanna know how much did u lower it by? Thanks.
    Hiya mate, I've got a red super s Aswell, would you be interested is selling your wheels and suspension? More interested in suspension tbh but would have wheels at rite price? If you could give me a text as I don't go on here often, 07717132455, thanks, theo
    Hey up mate, its been a while since I've contacted you, how are you. Would you be interested in selling me your super s for £650 on the 5th december, I've just got rid of my e30 and need something cheaper on the juice. If your interested in selling then let me kno mate. Hope your well.

    from what i can see on your profile pic, your micra is sick ,any way of me seeing pics that you uploaded to y=here of your car ??
    i can drop the asking price in your account first thing tomoz chum bell me on 07588585279 need a car incase mine fails in sept big time on corrosion , not a time waster mate genuine buyer , Sef ;-)
    I'm really sorry but I think I'm gonna leave buying your micra now mate because I'm still in 2 minds about it. Please tell the other people who want to view it that they can. You dont need to drive over mine now. I am sorry for any inconvenience mate.
    luks gr8,iv had a k11 b4 in red and i loverd it,lukin 4 a nuvr but wi a turbo convrt also sumt dt luks the part
    Is that your micra in the profile picture? if so have you still got it and can you put more pictures of it on.
    Err, can't remember, I think I just matched the colours in the haynes with the wires to the bulbs. The only problem with them is the lack of fog light, iv got ones that bolts to the bumper for mots:)
    Hey mate thanks for lookin but i found one. Its off a facelift but that just means i need to debump strip haha:)
    aww thanks :) theres practically nothing in silver round here

    its coming along slowly to be honest, all the money im gettin is goin toward my holiday...america for 2weeks! whooop :D was thinking of gettin another micra as mine failed it mot, but now its passed its all good :) once a get back from me hol al start again. 1st order is some springs and a new engine.

    hows your lil red beast comin along? it looked amazin imo when i saw it :)
    alrite man :) its 1995, m reg, haha glory....sureeee ;) can you do today? i got to drive to L4 cause i need some computer parts if ya cant dont worry :) tomorro will be fine, umm how about say 12 ish? or that no good?
    Alrite mate, where do you live again? Postcode I mean! Can possibly come and collect the cluster if it will fit in mine that is, on friday
    Sounds good, al let ya know in the next few days as currently I'm on the hardsholder :( stupid micra...........
    alrite man :) good news i think :) decided (cause of increased insurance with 2 accidents :() that im stickin it out with the micra :) at least till the mot is due haha :p guna lower it though :) definatly.
    man i feel really bad, i cant make it :/ family goin to the lakes, and i dont get out of work till 5 :( u should go though haha, and post pics lol :p
    i can sell you one that i have spare ga16de throttle body, adapted for the k11 if you want??? pm me your inbox is full
    Ok then mate, just making sure as car will be scrapped on Friday. Tell me about it. Ive only sat in my SR for about half an hour since I bought it about 3 weeks ago! No time eh!
    Ok then pal, it will be of to you first thing in the morning. By the way I cracked the little nut that holds the sensor to the barrel in my haste but nothing a bit of super glue wont sort out! :D Let me know when it gets to you. Just checking you sure you dont need the metal casing that surrounds the key??? Is the black plug all that you need. Only asking because it doesnt make sense to me, the majority of the key seems to go into the metal part not the black part. Apologies for the stupidity (Ive been up for a while now :p)


    Is that everything you need matey? Or do you need the metal surround? Because I cant see anyway of getting it off.

    heya pal, apologies for the slow reply. Its a 96' and it does have nats. Is it the barrel your after?
    Ano but oh well, its been three weeks and no letter from my insurance! the micra beast is fixed! damage wasnt that bad only cost me 80 to get fixed just lookin at ways to make it faster! haha fed up of not beatin ma mates overfrlling 1.1 saxo haha
    Which project got lots, lol. Yeah I've swapped the alloys, the new 13"s look pretty mean on my micra, Tricky who I got them off is selling his Turbo for £2k if you know anyone who is interested.

    Spoiler is at a stands till at the mo which reminds me, I must buy some more resin as it's payday in all. The Car runs which is good and hopefully k6pfs has two lower radiator mounts so I can get the radiator on properly. Apart from that it's really slow, weather and having a kid slows it down some, lol.

    Have you got a blog on your Micra?
    Excellent, I now what cables to use for my fog & reverse lights now for my Rear Pods, lol. Just could be arsed to check it myself.

    A New One for you.
    ---^v---^v--^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v-^v-^v--^v--^v---^v Sugar Rush wooo hoooo, lol.
    This Signature is great I have to steal it, lol.

    --^v--^v--^v--^v-_____^v--^v--^v-- For a second there, I was bored to death
    Just emailed you mate with an Excel and Picture attachment, just print it off all one page. Not all writing though some is pictures.

    From Phil
    I'll check my mates Micra at lunchtime and post some pictures with the connector so you can visually see which one you need to do.

    From Phil
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