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  • Hey got your pm, but cant reply cos your inbox is full :)

    gimme a shout when youve filtered it.
    Alright mate, you ok? im back home next week so will have a look for you and can let you know what i find if thats ok? hows the beast coming along these days?

    Well im in all day anyway mate so anytime is ok, got no credit at the minute so txt me on 07929072233 when you're coming
    Might not be 12 just at the doctors with ma nan atm, text me 07854325294 and I'll let u know a rough time
    Yes man today is good for me. So 12 then yeah? you will see my little red beast woop. See you soon mate
    Alright buddy its L4 9TN and its number 11... what year is your Micra? I think I read somewhere that if the tachometer (rev counter) doesnt work then you splice into the blue wire on the distributor.

    What time was you thinking mate? plus i get to see the beast in all its glory haha

    #### man! just read it! erm, if it was me then I would buy another but check on all the usual micra thingsas which go wrong. Bigger cars use more petrol, cost more to insure and are more expensive to fix. Your choice though
    Mate im not going as ivr bought another k11 and have no monies :( will try and make the next one though ;)
    Mate! are you still going to the north west meet? Im not sure if im going to go yet, but if I do then you wanna convoy?

    dude! u need to get a small flat head screw driver behind the winder and there is a clip which needs pushing. The winder will then come off. You then need to pull the door card to remove it and then lift up to remove from the door ;)

    3 weeks and nothing? maybe she is having 2nd thoughts lol
    dude! just read the post about that crazy ##### crashing into you... tbh, it sounds like her fault for driving over the limit and using her phone both which equal dangerous driving and this may have caused her to go into you!

    hope you get everything sorted and if ya need a hand finding parts then let me know

    there are a few over here but nothing amazing like... may take a trip to bradford as there are thousands there... micra heaven haha
    hmm, shud be cheap enough to replace me thinks lad
    theres a few, touched lucky actually, not many micra k11s over here :( a dunno, il get some pics up but it looks like the plastic just gave way. it had stress marks all over it and when i put a screwdriver on it, it gave way i was like...oh no! it wasnt good specially as i had to drive 100ish miles :S
    haha good stuff, will take a look now dude.
    is there many scrappys in birkenhead mate?

    how did u break it mate?
    ooo wouldnt get a Corsa dude, they are crap haha
    yeah i hate paying as well, not fair.
    You've got a mauritius? what colour? jade pearl or silver?
    haha yupp, well had a white corsa, which i rolled in wales, then i got a redish one, which got robbed 3 weeks after i got it, and now iv got my micra =D but my insurance hates me and is reallllllyyyy expensive :(
    haha i wonder ;) yea sorta know it, im in birkenhead myself!
    yeah definatly, just have to sort it with work and college lol, 3cars in 3months kinda drains my resources!
    haha what gave it away? lol
    yeah dude, from liverpool - Walton area. you know it?
    where abouts are you from?
    we should have a meet sometime

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