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    Baz's £20 K10...

    Long time, no update. Shortly after my last post I moved back in with my mother for a few months whilst I sorted out a new job. I had two cars, Mum asked me to move the Micra off her drive, but I didn't get round to it. Some gypsies came past whilst I was out and offered Mum £20 for the car...
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    FOR SALE: SMC Type K Rims

    For Sale. 4 x 15x7 SMC Type K Rims imported from Germany very similar to Keskin KT3 design Fitment: 4 x 100 unsure about offset, probably around high 30ish. Although a Euro Rim, will look awesome on a lowered Micra (I bought them for my K11 but just running stock rims right now...
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    Modified Nationals

    no...that would be crazy.
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    Modified Nationals

    haha nah didn't find the dodgems, but to be fair by the end of the first day, I was absolutely caned, I'd already seen a man on fire, been jumped over by a motorcycle, and watched my mate do a drunken bungee jump LOL was funny.
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    Modified Nationals

    As I say, most people don't go to the nationals for the cars...I come from a racing pedigree and cannot describe how little I care about purple bodykits and neon spoilers, it's just a great laugh...we booked a stand, but we never even got our cars out of the campsite to put them on the stand in...
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    Modified Nationals

    Mental weekend, as usual. Me and my mate took 106 cans of carling on the Friday, thinking that would be more than enough, on the Saturday we were running dangerously low and had to go and buy a further 50 odd. lol Have to admit I didn't really see much of the show, I was having too much of a...
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    Was it you I saw??

    I'm an official member, but haven't applied my stickers. I don't plan to either until the car is looking presentable enough to warrant wearing the stickers. I'm a bit picky like that lol
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    Tax Query

    I did it online this year. Very simple, very quick, disc arrived less than 24hrs later! It is easier if you've been sent the document thru the post, but you can do it without that.
  9. misterBaz used to be good too, but it seems to have run into difficulties
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    Insurance time

    I am with Bell Insurance, and I am insured to drive any other car third party so long as the owner of said car has got fully comp protection. I didn't pay any extra for this, it comes as does legal cover and a hire car if you have an accident. I am 26, however I have zero no...
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    4th gear

    Don't mix basic rev matching with the more complicated double clutching. Double clutching is being in one gear pressing the clutch to take it out of gear, releasing the clutch when the box is in nuetral, revving the engine to the required revs, then pressing the clutch again, and THEN putting it...
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    handbrake cable

    viscosity is the word your after, and 15-40 will be fine. I use 10-40.
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    urgent help water leak in footwell

    Pull up the boot carpet, Fold the rear seats forward, clamber into boot, shut boot door, get a mate to spray water around the rear light fittings and around the boot seals. you'll see the water coming in if it's leaking. If you don't have a mate handy, pull back the boot carpet, dry off the...
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    Clear side repeaters can be got from ebay for under £20: Acoustic Carpet or cloth can also be got from ebay, for about £7 delivered. I used these...
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    urgent help water leak in footwell

    Do you have a sunroof? Could be coming in through that. I have the same problem as you...thought I'd elminated the problem but I hadn't. I've gotta pull all my interior out again...which is intensley annoying. I'll let you know if I come accross anything but the chances of my fixing the...