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  • i would,nt be able to fit it asif i,m afraid, and 50 quid to lighten and balance :)
    gotta be up early tomorow :( so off to bed, but if you pop me your contact number mobile or landline i could give you a call tomorrow, and have a chat i guess it will be easier explaining stuff over the phone :)
    yaya, how much will you charge including fitting? can you do it in a day if i come early as im in manchester so not too far i suppose should take 1 hour and half
    The search function is pretty good on cisco,s mate, and i should be able to do.a f/w no probs :)
    i'll have a look Franks thanks, although i am new to the blogs haha so will probs take me like 2 hours just to find your blog, if i came down to you in birmingham could you lighten my flywheel? pleaseeeeee i'd pay you :D and also maybe fit high compression pistons? as it took me 10 hours just to fit the janspeed system yep i said it 10 hours lool because the bolts were seized up had to use a friends angle grinder :p
    and some answers to your questions on my blogs on asif (another n/a project thread, and ghetto turbo thread)
    and lastly what did you mean by leaning out at higher rmp? you mean fuel or air? and what do you mean by disconnecting the speed sensor sorry for bombarding you with all these questions i'm just keen to learn more haha
    which pistons could i put in the 1.3 engine?, will there be any reliability issues as i drive around 80 miles a day 3/4 days a week (40 in morning 40 in afternoon) also how would i get the flywheel lightened? and how much much would all this cost ? under 8 seconds for these 2 mods seems very nice also will there be torque if i wanted to pull from say/40/50mph?
    had the car out thismorning no smoke on startup and seems to drive ok, been gentle with it, no smoke driving today, and stayed at normal temp while driving so ill see how it goes thanks for the help frank
    I just typed a load of info an this poxy message board kept saying too many characters ffs !
    See how you go eh, if it chuffs a bit at wot and on morning startups, then the usual oil control rings eh.
    Need advice, blown a coolant pipe off and engine has overheated, possibley started burning oil, whats the possible damage?
    Need advice, blown a coolant pipe off and engine has overheated, possibley started burning oil, whats the possible damage?
    Yes leon, and the white one i,m smokin atm has alto rear springs on the front and cut rears
    Ive had a read through your blog mate, it looks like to use matiz front shocks and springs, and matiz rear springs with corsa b shocks to hold the rear springs in place :) cheers for the help mate :)
    There are pics and info on my blogs on cisco,s leon, another n/a blog and ghetto turbo blog
    hi mate you seem to know your stuff with lowering, and im looking at lowering my k11 thinking of using matiz struts and springs on the front i want to go as low as poss, what would you say i should do? and what would i use on the back? i know to use corsa b shocks but what springs to get it low?

    Thanks in advanced :)
    decided for a full engine swap rather than internals if I put a cga3 (1.4) do I need ecu and gearbox? Or can I use mine?
    I havent got the cams yet so ill get them and get the details and see whats needed
    i guess so glen, knowing the base circle dia will tell us what,s involved tho eh
    hi glen, you need to measure the base circle dia first mate (stock is 32mm iirc), then decide how to tackle it
    Hi Frank

    I have bought the advanti Cams. I was wondering how I go about
    shimming them and getting them set up correctly. I had an idea and
    wondered if you would be interested, If I sent you a head and the cams
    would you be able to shim them for me? I would cover all the cost and
    what ever labour you would charge.

    If you could let me know.


    frank you will no which wire to connect the rev counter to on the coil is it the blue one or one of the black and white ones
    Hey frank got that crank sorted thanks for that.. I'm looking for a gear box with a longer first and second gear any ideas r is it just pot luck??
    Hey Frank, u seem 2 know a fair share, starting a turbo build on my 1300 k11, would u know where to source a thicker head gasket?? Also cant seem to find too much info on a manifold. At this point just looking to see can i get some1 to adapt the standard manifold with a plate to take a t25. Any help would be much appriciated. cheers
    Hey frank I'm looking to stick a bigger crank into the k11 1.3 any ideas what might fit with a few mods want to keep the 1300 block
    Cheers. Peter
    I wouldn't use a profile post but I can't post in the forums or start a conversation. When I post or reply the text I type is defaulting to a times new roman font, this is not normal, I press post and get a red message box 'please enter a valid message' I logged out and in and tried alsorts, I cant see a contact us anywhere and I don't know how to get help with my problem.
    Frank, I have a pair of camshafts in my cg13 engine I wish to transplant into my cg10. The 13 was stored outdoors for 2 yr and some of the lobes have a light coating of corrosion. Will they be useless or do i just clean them up with wire wool?
    then i shal give it ago when i gets some money and insurance drops :) and blog it :) thanks for the help
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