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  • Hi again mate, just a quick one.. do you know the length of the M12 bolt that comes out the shock bush?
    Joe probably has a spare for me but needs to know what sort of length and such

    fraid not joe, someone was selling some 1.3 ones for £25 posted today tho iirc
    Hey, from ur post on "what did..." does that mean u might have some cams available? If so what kinda price for them?
    i,m trying to find some pics craig :) some other members posted some too,
    you basicly remove the offside bush from the p/rod (axle end) and fit the offset bushes instead (with the hole to the left/nearside)
    Hey mate, did she wait for you to return or not? if not, then don't worry as she was a bit anxious regarding get back home. Will try arrange another time/date

    Frank! my girlfriend is in Coventry and said that she could pick up the wheel around 8pm? £120 to take them off your hands? and is it ok if i give her your number in case she gets a bit lost?

    Neat, are there pics up of them on here anywhere? If you do them in 14's i may have to save up and buy some off you!:)
    i used two 5" wheels to make one 6.5" wheel joe, similar to banding but with only 1 join and without the ugly step in the dish :)
    On the topic of widened steelies... how wide do you make them frank? Not sure i can really afford the insurance on my alloys but wider steels i could get away with see. Thanks.

    Also do you do 14's as well as 13?
    Hey Frank, how are you? just a quick one for ya, do you by any chance do banded steelies? I remember you mentioned how time consuming they were to do, but was wondering if you fancy doing me a set of 4? im willing to pay but i understand if you say no as I would imagine its not the easiest of things to do :S

    hope you're well

    Cheers, I'll have to see how bad it is when ive fitted them, may have to get some advice on what to do at that point! Cheers for the help, i'll let you know on the bushes once i have the work done.
    there,s no easy way tbh joe, its easier to fit 2nd hand corsa shocks.
    and you,re best to measure the shift once its lowered, then decide, but i have some offset bushes if you need them :)
    Is there any way of holding the springs in then? Just i do wanna avoid having to swap shocks over, makes it a bigger job and they need modifying dont they?
    Also i know when you lower a long way you have to sort out recentering the car on new springs but i shouldnt have to worry with only a 40mm drop right?
    the stock shocks will work ok joe, but the shorter springs wont be captive when jacked up, the corsa shocks are shorter
    Possibly got somewhere to get some matiz springs now (or similar as mentioned). Just wondered considering they only drop about 40mm and obviously you can get aftermarket to do 35mm drop with no other changes.. if i use matiz rears on the back will i still need to change the shocks or will they hold? Cheers frank
    Hi Frank, Im gonna be lowering the Micra soon. Not sure by how much yet so i had better install some of your bushes. Could you let me know details pls.
    Sounds like thats the plan for me then, realised i totally cant afford lowering springs, and nobody goes below a 35mm drop anyway...
    Would fitting other springs on the back be an alternative to cutting? I wanna have the option of returning it to standard if i ever need to...
    yes joe, if you cut anymore than 1 coil off the rears they become uncaptive, but with the corsa shocks on you can cut 2.5 coils off np :)
    Soo, lemme check ive got this right, matiz rears on the front then corsa b shocks on the back to keep it down, back springs left standard or switched out?? im sounding so dumb here haha. :laugh:
    Right cheers, thats pretty much the drop i was looking for actually so might go ahead with that. Still a bit confused on what to do at the rear though, do i need to change the struts there too or just swap springs over, someone said something about corsa b struts?

    thanks again
    the matiz rears when fitted to the front, will drop it about 40mm joe, and are only slightly stiffer than stock.
    and they take about 1hr to change mate :)
    Hi Frank,
    You had some advice on lowering using matiz springs when i joined up and im still thinking of it as an option, was just wondering how the ride is gonna change with them on? And how easy they are to switch as its only me and a mate gonna be doing it outside my uni flat!

    hi peter :)
    mine was just a nozzle that you drilled and inserted into the t/b mate, but it blocked the t/b a fair bit and lost some power.
    that power was retored by using a GA16 t/b tho
    Hi Frank,
    Hope you are well, I have picked up a 1.3 micra that I want to fit a single point lpg kit too. do you have advice on what I should do please? I have the kit from a car that did work.
    Frank! can you inbox me your postcode and a time thats best for you for Friday! see you soon buddy :)
    awesome mate, cannot wait! i shall send you a text when im leaving then. Thanks mate, you're a life saver :)
    hmm im trying to think when im in, is Friday not good?? only as im off then, if not then next week for sure?? ahhh im excited to get her lowered finally :)
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