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  • Oh right just people selling them on eBay are saying there 1.3 will it be the 1.4 because they are coipack engines
    no-one has fitted a CGA3 into a coilpack 1.0 to my knowledge mate, i,ve used CGA3 cranks in mine tho
    If I dropped. A micra 1.3 coilpack engine in would all the ancillaries be a straight swop and if I put the 1.3 box in would the shafts fit and does it need the ecu swapped? And engine harness? Cheers in advance frank
    cheers frank :) i would get eth 1.4 sport + cams but i havnt seen any like mine in any scrap yards :/
    guna sound stupid but a wha? lol when i get it sorted if i av any trouble anychance ya could gis a lil help a dont think you live far away,
    they look ok eh, and you have to shave 1mm or so, off each side of the lower bush mate
    yeh but i cant get them becuase im not a member and i dont want to pay just to get one diagram
    just asked my parents if i can buy a sportex exhaust for the car and they said yeh so hopefully this weekend il be buying it :p
    hi mate sweet looking micra you got going there, can you send me that nats no nats wiring diagram cause im not a member would help me out loads can you send me the auto data as well i would appreciate it so much my email address is [email protected]
    heyy frank, this japfest 2 is it like last time were we had our own stand? if not il buy some tickets on the website
    hello mate, im after a set of banded steelies, by anychance could you make a set of 13" around 6" wide. im i no rush at all, just wundering if youd be intrested in making some for me and a price. cheers
    Hey there mate, I keep seeing them around and I've got to ask - Do you have any of your home made banded steels knocking around? How much do you charge for a set? Cheers, keep up the good work.
    not sure didnt try that,but as the fuel is at a certain point it is ok then i would fill it a bit with fuel or just leave it , it goes back too not reving propely..
    what could i do 2 stop fuel pressure.
    it sounds like low fuel pressure maybe lee ? does it rev ok if you wet the air filter with fuel ?
    Can you give me an exact description of the panhard bushes.
    I have not yet fully understood... maybe some pics what ever ?
    Thanks pal !
    Hi, wondering if you've got some offset panhard bushes available? 30mm springs have leveled out nice (just the left needed someone to sit there for a while to settle it) and my issue now is the car being diagonal after lowering and with 4 guys in it the back right scuffs the arch on bumps :s
    there are a few threads on here chris, and mine were fron a scrapyard mate
    Hiya mate, i was reading an old page about using Corsa B coilovers to fit a micra, have you got any tips on what to do and where to get them from? Cheers.
    in leicester frank, about 40mm drop or so but still want stock ride comfort.i have 15" alloys on but might put the 13s back
    had a look through your threads and you done great work as usual, would you be able to create the parts so i can just bolt them on,if you can. and how much would it cost.
    have a look through the matiz and corsa threads zed, and see what you need
    how you doing frank, am after suspension setup for my k11, need it low but with a good comftable ride. can you make them for me. thanks.
    Hi Frank

    Just wondering if I could get your help, mainly emission problems and if you can weld i need a cross member done and some sill patch work... any possibility? I'm not to far from you after all and admire your micra work.
    i have some bushes if you need them mate, and shorter shocks are only needed to keep cut springs captive really
    Hey frank iv just bout some 50mm lowering springs and can't afford new panhard rod, but if I read correctly on other posts you make bushes to compensate for standard panhard rod could you make some for me?? Also will I need new shocks what should I go for or can I use standard shocks when lowering 50mm?
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