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    K11 Coil On Plug details

    there is a coilpack wiring diag in the pdf manual
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    Can't get in - help!

    yes mate, you will probably need to jack it up eh
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    Can't get in - help!

    a jump lead on the starter or alternator is standard practice
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    CGA3DE with a CG10DE Head?

    yes fine
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    heater out job iirc darren, and yes :)
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    probably a broken wire or internal circuit problem best to get an ecu kit, or prenats ecu and some pinout changes
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    usually an Ariel problem i think
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    heh :) you could test the pump flow via the heater hose
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    Micra will not start. U1000/U1001

    i never worked on a k12 mate, so dunno tbh
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    ECU Mapping

    polly posted his nistune tables up on his blog somewhere
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    K11 help for the immobiliser

    nats cuts the injector signals not the pump have you checked for pressure at the pipe ?
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    K11 help for the immobiliser

    what type of key do you have ? year ?
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    Parts interchangability?

    a lot changed in 2000 james
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    Help please

    try a search on gearbox breather (and chain stretch)
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    Oil gallery seal rings

    yes a bit of sealer in the groove, and fit them backwards