Where to fit reversing sensors?

Hi all! I wish to install reversing sensors on my k11 2002 and was wondering where to position them? anybody got any tips. I presume I will either have to avoid the reinforcer behind the bumper or drill through it? Your answers are greatly appreciate.
Thanks for your reply, I alas have no circles outside or inside the bumper. I will take off the inner metal bumper and align the holes in that for the sensors.


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On the k12 they are behind the bumper. And they are small circles. That is where the sensors are held these are factory fitted ones.
I would rather have a rear view cam any day.

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My daughter has both rear view camera and back up sensors on her Primera P12... While the camera is handy, quite frankly the sensors, which cover the corners as well as directly behind, are far more effective. Reversing blind, looking at a screen on your dash board is a recipe for hitting something with the corner of the bumper.....:rolleyes:
They are both handy devices to have combined.
Didn't really think of it as being a blind spot but I'm sure that their would be some.
I do think they would be great combined. Just the camera I would really like to test out.Having not used one before. And especially for a driver that has difficulties with movement due to illness.
I was guessing the camera would provide an extra useful view. But as John_D has mentioned the sensors are much more helpful in the blind spots.
Much better to find out here than in a reversing manoeuvre... hehe

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As well as my micra I also have a Renault master lwb camper van and I have a reversing camera on that, but I tend to use the mirrors more. The camera is useful to make sure there is no-one behind you, but I should have put it on the top looking down as positioned by the number plate in can give you a false sense of distance.