wheels tidy up

spent a day driving round the country hunting every breakers for different wheels for my C+C

gave up and sdecided to tidy up what i had. they'll get covered in dust anyway.

they turned out OK for LIDL rim paint rattle cans.


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That's some serious curb rash.
They do paint up well look fresh.
Did you prime them first or just paint.
theyre just a tidy up.
the paint is a one coat rust & primer & paint. i used it on my tin trailer wheels 2 yrs ago and they still havent rusted through
Long as it stays on and looks good can't go wrong.
Mine looked great at first for a year but the corners or spokes it cracked in same spot as where I was covering they are different size tho.
They do still look great but the sun baked the rear on one side probably the cause.
I use upol primer and upol wheel silver.
My first try I used a cheap grey paint in small tins and that was probably a better finish then the upol to be honest.