What are you listening to?

Absolutely no shame in a bit of Huey Lewis!

Agreed!...hence guilty pleasure...for some ;)

Why don't they make tunes like they did in the 80's?
...they're all "Let's get drunk and screw some people over" now :rolleyes: ....no-one knows how to just par-tay anymore! :p
Gah!....just found this...reminded me of childhood road trips to see my dads side of the family down in the west country...
2 hours sat on uncomfortable Metro seats in the back of dads hand built Dutton Sierra to a soudtrack of Genesis, Phil Collins, Kraftwerk, Peter Gabriel and utter lege...Jean Michel Jarre :p

Now that guy knows how to put on a show ;)

ETA: better known tracks at 30:27 and 49:21...ish :D

ETA2: 38:19 tune!
This came on the tv today, and i've listened to it several times since..
I don't know what it is, but something about the news reader and the way he turns to the beat makes me laugh every time :p



Give me some frogs.
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:cool: (for once!)

Please remember I'm old and so do not understand all this 'modern' music. I find it all a bit odd and, I think, why the World is in a mess :). That and the French ;).
This thread's been quiet, too quiet :p

Skipping through my MP3 playlists last night and hit a classic...or 2

I had this film on VHS... :D

...and a bit of classical "The Prayer"
There are a few verisons of this... BGT winner Jai Mcdowell put one on his album for example, unfortunatly the girl isn't that great...not terrible just... :(
also found other versions including the original by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli ,
plus Charlotte Church and Josh Groban and Britains got talent's Jonathan and Charlotte

but Ryandan just do it better...chills...everytime :p

admittedly not for everyone but... meh...I like it ^_^

Been listening to a lot of Extreme -

Dream Theater, Old School Greenday Dookie Album.

and if you can guess what game this was in without looking at the comments you get a cookie.

Uuuurrrmmmmm o_O

I have no idea! Forza 2?.....NFS: Most wanted? :p...Underground?...Need for speed, the curse of the sequel part 8? LOL
For me this is chill out music! Doesn't get much better than this

And the fact its heavy metal acoustic versions even better :D



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ahh yes

i pulled some cereal out and munch it CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH im listening to

im a go listen to the k11 now doing 60
^Nice....but I Love me some....classic Green Day :p

Gosh love that song...those were the days...I was just 8 when I fell in love with Billie Joe... :p

Interesting fact:...this music video was actually filmed in Black and white and the colour added later on :p
Loving this one...

...saw her on Later with Jools Holland and Late night with Jimmy Fallon, gotta love Tivo :p
....excellent both times by the way ;)
Haven't heard this one in a while.
The yt poster got the vid from the days when mtv actually played music, go figure :p