How good are you at car shopping? ;)

as you guys may or may not know, my micra has been up for sale privately for the last 6 weeks-ish, ive reduced the price week on week and there are simply no takers. So tomorrow im going to hit the garages with a view to trading in. I dont really know what i want so basically i was going to show u great guys my criteria and see what you suggest :D

things it has to be
preferrably chain driven but not essential
no bigger than a 1.4 petrol or 2.0 diesel (insurance reasons)
NOT not not NOT a base spec car, i dont mind trading to an older car for a higher spec.
not something pre-abused by a boy racer
capable of doing long journeys with relative ease
not a golf as these all look to be poverty spec

things that do not matter
if its 3 or 5 door
make or model
if its taxed tested or serviced

ive got around 4k 4500 at a push (including my trade in) to spend but by no means want to spend all of it. anything is considered so try me :p

on my shortlist so far ive just got

another MG ZR
a 5 door corolla anywhere between 97 and 2003
a ford focus
a 306 or 307 diesel but i believe these are very troublesome
a v.w. bora
a starlet glanza
and i think un abused civics just dont exist anymore?

gimmie some good recommendations people :D:D