What are you listening to?

YouTube won't let me play it on mobile but 'reet petite' sounds like something the Arctic Monkeys would say! Lol
Is that a dig at how we Sheffielders talk? ;) Actually a sheffielder would never use the word 'petite' more like 'reet diddy' :rolleyes:
Media player has discovered my 80's playlist LOL

...I wonder if it will find my 60's one....or the 90's *shudder* ^_^
...I'm definitely a Loser Baby LOL

..okay...this is a risk...my favourite song at the moment... :oops: ...bit of Girl pop (no-screamo here :p)

I never liked Natasha Bedingfield when she was over here...looks like america is getting the decent tunes from her IMO ^_^
don't hurt me...but I think that the version Lucie Silvas did of "Nothing else matters" was almost as beautiful as the original...gives me chills ;)

..If you recognise her but can't think why she did that "breath in" song a few years ago...possibly her only recognised success, shame really, she's a terrific songwriter
Nice but not in the same league ;)
Now something a little different, I really do have an eclectic taste in music :rolleyes:
Another of my growing up tunes, I recently re-purchased 'All change'


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Quite the mix going on in here. :D

Not 100% sure i'm listening to tbh, at the moment its kinda a random selection from various music blogs.

I also did find a cassette in a micra not that long ago in the local scrapyard, thats got some good old stuff on it haha.
I do love a bit of QOTSA, although I haven't heard that one before!
I've just dug out my "School Memories" playlist on Spotify - http://open.spotify.com/user/jamesharland/playlist/7vY13b0fe5sXxdsRMgMYte
Probably shows my age! 80 tracks of pure 90s pop! :D

C'mon, we're both 26 right?...that is not old... ^_^
looking through your list...love me some eagle eye cherry :cool:

also...if you hadn't heard that QOTSA track (shame on you :p) there's a chance you've missed some other beauties from that part of the 90's (or earlier)
the following may not be amazing songs but they each have amazingly wieird/wonderful videos :D



I listen to everything and anything which I like. Although I'm in my rock mood recently, and have always liked Killswitch Engage but there new song is awesome. Although I do miss the old lead singer. Howard Jones. The first lead singer returns, which he is growing on me