Wanted spoilers and other stuff

Wanted either a wrap around spoiler, or the top lip slim standard gx one, rover 400 skirts, rear splitter, and an OMP front strut brace....... any prices quoted to me should be postage inclusive if you would please....and have pics ready and availiable ....cheers in advance:)
Hey bro, I have side skirts and a rear splitter. Bought them along with other bits but never actually used them. They are at the bodyshop yet, but I should be getting them tomorrow then post some pics. If they are what you want we'll sort something out :)
I think the side skirts are the rover 400 ones, though don't quote me on that. The rear splitter I can't at all remember, but it came off a well known K11 on the MSC. Hoodedreeper's facelift one. Look his blog up and you should find some pics. I'd do it, but have got to run...need to go get my car from the bodyshop :)
if it is from hoodedreeper, it would be a seat ibiza rear splitter... but I'll definatly take the skirts , just drop me a (reasonable ;)) price with p and p, im still undecided on the splitter but drop me a price anyhow :)

What is a spoiler? Is it the bit round the back window of the car? If yes I have GX 1.3 which I want to break and as soon as I have sorted out the buy & Sell restriction, I will be able to list them all. Since I don't know the price and postage you make me an offer.

Ive got myself a spoiler now, still looking for splitters and skirts, and arnold just had a look on your f/s thread and it looks a bit expensive (as i'd need postage), and deep for my liking