have a 2005 sport+ which is currently on 185/50/16 find the ride a bit harsh so was wondering about changeing the profile to 60s too see if that makes a difference whats your thoughts on this matter or could it also be the shocks need replaceing car has 118000 miles ?
I have the sports diesel and the ride is a little harsh, but the handling is brilliant its a trade off between ride quality and comfort. i would change the wheels and tyres to 14 or 15 rims to offset the stiff suspension, the handling will reduce if you push it to its limits, but otherwise the ride quality will calm down.
Great to hear, UK roads though are terrible for pot holes and worn out highways, it's a case of adapting the cars to their enviroments, mine is heavy on the front end with the Diesel engine but the tweaked torque levels are fantastic on my Micra.:)