Trying a Different ECU

Hi Guys, Im Zakie from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Since Grid has stopped selling the boards for our march's Im in a bit of fix trying to tune my 96 JDM 1.0 March ECU. I need to get it going by mid April as we have couple of annual hill climbs which happens in April. The JDM ECU's are the half sized one's where the Nistune 4 wouldn't fit.

I have a Nissan ECU with me which has a on-board chip (27C256 EPROM ) similar to the Honda OBD1 ECU which can be tuned/chipped . I tried this ECU (i think its off a P10 primera but unfortunately the label has come off to be sure) on the March and the car wouldn't start , no spark and injector pulse but the diagnostics working. On the checking the diag. I get 2 error codes, which are 21 (Ignition Signal ) and 34 (knock Sensor).

But why no injector pulse, only thing I can think of is wrong crank and cam signal being off, but no such error code.

Has anybody tried this before ? if so, please guide me to some links where I could get some wiring info on both these ECU's .