Thinking of selling my car

I'm thinking of selling my motor to move on so I can get a larger car but I'm not sure what it's worth . any ideas ?
K reg 1.3 slx in red
5 door
Mot and tax
5 door
SS bumpers
Rev counter in black
Rear parcel shelf with factory speaker
Rear headrests
Electric front windows
Central locking
No power steering
Brand new spare wheel ( not sure if it's even been used )
Lowered on chopped springs
Lightweight wheels with good tyres
A little sound system
Stainless backbox

In very good nik for its age very shiny paint
I've had it two years and covered around 3500 miles without any problems
86000 miles starts and drives great
So I'm asking for opinions on what it's worth to sell and I know its worth what somone is will to pay for it but maybe I can get some good advice !
Push the boat out and ask for £500, anything near that and bite their hand off - best of luck. (no power steering's the killer)
Sorry salzam, but its a K plate with no power steering, so not good for the girlies. Student entry micra imo.
Around here that would go for anything from £350 to £500, also a few mods are not every-ones cup of tea, they'll think its been hammered - I would. Sorry bud, but best of luck. Let us know what it goes for. will be interesting.
To buy just the wheels new would be more than £500 and that's if you can find them !
I may have to get a power steering conversion done but if so then I wouldn't sell it .
Breaking it is not a option .
I think I will just advertise it on places like gumtree and eBay ....etc and see what response I get .
No worries bud will do .
No offence taken but I will say that it's no where near your average pizza delivery car .
If £500 is all youl get sell her over here in Ireland, 65k on my 2000 k11 and i payed 1400 for it completely stock (from dealer with warranty) near the same spec as yours (electrics wise) but with power steering. Big demand for modded first time cars over here and I couldnt find one worth buying.....
May be worth considering !
Correct me if I'm wrong but if you remove power steering does that not release a couple of ponies ?
If so happy days lol!
There you go salzam, lot of good ideas for you there, I like your ebay one - it will find its own level - best of luck mate.
I've had two micras both stock when bought one with power steering.. ..£750 facelift and Mildred without PAS ...£600 I personally noticed very little diffrence between the steering :) and its less to go wrong ! X


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no power steering is easy enough, just don't turn the wheel unless the car is rolling. Never owned a car with power steering, never will.
Good luck with your sale Salzam, its a nice looking clean bright car you have and it would be a shame to sell it for £500 if thats the going rate, personally if i couldnt sell it for what i wanted i would keep it or strip it making the money up and even having to strip it would be a shame so i reckon keeping it as a second car as an emergency back up if need be! keep it covered on a drive way, starting it up every weekend to keep the engine in good running order etc,

With Power Steering, personally ive been driving cars with it on since i was a fetus (lol) my car didnt have on so i had to source one and fitted it, have to say it was one of the best things i done on the micra cos the steering was bloody heavy and as for HP power steering dont take that much away of power from the engine thats noticeble.. rather have Power Steering and loose 1 HP ....

I've just had a operation on my shoulder and at the moment it's a no no driving at all even without power steering .
I had so many plans for this motor but only half done .
Bumpers .wheels, lowered, exhuast, spoiler all done but my house is a living project and all funds allocated there !
I wanted to do a turbo conversion but I have the home to sort first .
If I don't get what I'm after then I will deffo keep this little gem and convert it to power steering and maybe do the same as Alpina and turbo it .
Thanks for the advice guys !
Jimmy ! How's the build going ?
Breaking it is not a option .
Hiya mate, sorry to hear about your operation!! hope all is going good!! i understand that a living home is important! i reckon getting hold of a complete powersteering set would be best bet, only takes a few hours to fit and then your sorted!, i got my power steering kit of a member here for £40 and the next day i fitted and was a big difference, felt like a different car alltogether!! like i says your car is in good condition and for the sake of powersteering you gonna loose alot! and if you do decide to turbo it then do it bit at a time you will get there.. with me i have a few things left to fit, in the end i just got too lazy to completely finish mine off!! all i have to do is fit the NIStune ECU, Injectors with modified fuel rail and the Walboro Fuel pump which is all ready to fit but i have them sitting in my kitchen draw and once there fitted ill just get it mapped and the car will run on good optimal boost, as it is now its like driving a 1.6 ltr and you do feel alittle boost on 3psi which i will have to re-adjust it higher lol........

Keep the car and work on it sal.......... its a good condition car, concentrate on power steering for it... better for your shoulders also....