Squeaks and wobbles...

Only so much I can take of this.

I have an intermittent steering wobble. Had the car in the air, don't feel much play in the wheel mind you...wasn't sure if it was a bearing or not? It's not conditional, it happens for a bit and stops, generally only in a straight line. Could it be brake related? It squeals like a mother, I'm used to a lower deeper drone from a wheel bearing. Going to copperslip the pads to death later see how that goes for a start haha.

Next squeak is belt related, idler pulley possibly? Any common ideas here?

Ta in advance.


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if they fit the balance weights on the inside of the wheel only, you can get a harmonic wobble sometimes (intermittent)
First thing is to stop those brakes squealing. They are rubbing too hard against the discs when no pressure is applied. This will rule out disc warping when hot. Your copperslip may only stop the squeal temporarily. You need to free up those pistons really. As for the belts you may just need to tighten them up.
Fair point I'll wind the piston in and out and use a little wet and dry on the situation!!
Not on the piston you won't else it'll leak. Pop out the piston and clean it with a rag. Carefully pop out the seal and boot. Remove corrosion from around the boot seal. Flush out and refit the seals and piston. Red rubber grease or brake fluid only when refitting everything.