Show us your garage/workspace

This may have been done before but i cannot find anything so........Post pics up of your work area for working on your micra...wether it be a drive way....a garage....a workshop e.c.t e.c.t

I have to share with parents so here is 1 half of workspace/storage area.

the amount of pics id end up putting on would be a joke so i'll just say
living room
back and/or front garden
road outside house
friends massive drive for the long winded repairs/mods
and where do i store all my stuff..... everywhere in the house


My name is Scott
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Me, my bro and his mate rent a unit from my brothers boss, fits 4 cars nicely, an engine hoist connected up on the roof, a wall of tools, another floor above it to store whatever crap thats lying about and a toaster!! Its great although gets a bit cold in there in the winter:laugh:


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Not quite large enough space infront of my house,

Car Park at work,

Anything that needs a bit of space/machinery gets done in my Classroom.

Lathes, Mills, Pillar drills, Mig set, benches, hand tools, no time to play as much as I would like.