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Scouse boys return

Scouse boy

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Hi guys,

after leaving the Micra scene for a couple of years... I'm back!... not with a K11 though

This was my last K11 before getting a Civic EK9:

I then moved onto an MR2 GTi-16 T-top:

That got damaged and I have recently purchased this badboy:

Primera E-GT: SR20DE engine, full leather, all electrics and amazing condition... only 18 left on the road too.


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Welcome ... Back I guess haha. Prim looks good!

'Sent from my bed using paper planes'


Is that Tom-P10 from NPOCs old car? Excellent purchase, Tom is a diamond, glad to hear it's gone to a good home :)


to turbo or new lump :/ hmmm
looking good man, im just a little jelous i wish i could have put my prim on the road :(