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Dave's Nissan Micra (from the beginning)

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Davey C

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In the beginning…

bought it December 2005…

the interior…


the engine (1275cc)…

parked on the drive…

first mod was the alloys…

not much of a match against Ayats car lol…(cheers to Ayat for the wheels also)…

back home washed and parked on the drive…

[FONT=&quot]next the suspension was arriving thick and fast after an agonising wait from whiteline (konis)…[/FONT]


Anti-roll bars…

Castor, camber kits…

more goodies, (see spec for all info)…

I fitted the fully refurbished Gtir callipers and disks at the same time as the suspension…

fitted on the car and the suspension also fitted…

in the garage parked up…

view from the rear…

forgot to mention the exhaust lol that was before the suspension but around the same time (month) if ya see what I mean…

Showing the clearance after a couple of days to settle…

once suspension phase one had settled I was off to get it all set up and the remaining bits added…

Next some custom cold air feed in the form of K&N panel filter and extra cold air feed…

Next was the march rear clusters, subtle and I like it that way…

Some MOT repairs to be carried out front cross member…

sills replaced…

new tyres too (toyo T1-S’s)…

tread pattern…


Now some colour coding…(boot handle)

door handles…


interior was progressing throughout so pics in no particular order…

leds instead of the lights better me thinks…

more speed required so a janspeed manifold was added to complete the exhaust system…

clear side repeaters now…(again nice and subtle)

another angle…

and a bit of flash action…

random pics taken on the 8th of march 2006…

now onto the more interesting stuff…hidden beneath the bonnet is a new surprise(see spec list)…

Dave’s Nissan Micra Turbo


CA13DE 1275cc

Turbo: Garret T2
Braided oil feed/return, and water cooled
Intercooler: Calsonic R33
Customised to suit the chosen setup
Manifold: HKS cast manifold
From the Nissan Cube bolt on kit
Exhaust: Custom 2 inch exhaust down pipe, flows from turbo to de-cat
Janspeed De-cat
Powerflow custom cat back system with 3.5inch tailpipe
Engine management: Greddy E-manage
Injector harness
Ignition harness
Pressure sensor
Fuelling: Adjustable fuel regulator
1.6 Primera injectors
Blow off valve: Bailey Twin Piston type, atmospheric dump valve
Actuator: R5 Turbo adjustable actuator
Hosing Samco: – Blue (nice contrast to red paintwork)
Air filter: K&N generic cone filter
Gauges: Rally comp boost gauge


Dampers: Koni Adjustables (internally shortened to suit whiteline setup)
Springs: Whiteline -42mm springs front and rear
Anti-roll bars: Whiteline 22mm heavy duty swaybar front
Whiteline 22mm Adjustable HD rear swaybar
Strutbrace: Whiteline upper and lower control braces
Panhard Rod: Whiteline adjustable panhard rod
Camber: Whiteline adjustable camber bolt kit
Castor: Whiteline castor / traction control arm


Team Dynamics 15 inch “Motorsport” Rim


Front: Toyo T1-S’s 195-45-R15
Rear: Khumo generic 195-45-R15


Front: Fully refurbished Gtir Callipers
Standard Gtir Disks
Rear: Standard factory drums

[/FONT] Exterior:

Body modifications: Non (subtle kit planned and air vent required)
Lights: clear side repeaters
March import rear clusters


Seats: Red/black seat covers (MR2 seats to fit)
Wheel: Momo competition copy wheel
Gear knob: Momo generic
Lighting: Blue LED’s to replace cluster bulbs


(Standard at the moment waiting to buy amps and new headunit)

To be fitted…
Front speakers: Alpine component kit (SPS-171A)
Rear speakers: Alpine 6x9’s (SPR 69LP)

To be continued... ;)


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pfft i KNEW it man,,, i had you sussed a few month back but you kept denying it :)

Hows it going then? :D

very nice btw. Ill come down for a spin sometime eh? :D
Davey C

Davey C

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haven't go the car on the road yet hence the to be continued. i am picking it up on tuesday (fingers crossed)


Micra K11ng
Nice one - kept it very Quiet!

Looking good, will see it closer at Donny :D

Titch :kungfu:


Good to see it's finally been announced, looking good mate - hope to see it in the flesh at Donny! :cool:

micra man

Golf GTi Turbo
Nice one Davey!!! :D Kinda figured it out the other day when you asked me for a part of the R5 turbo stuff I had sold hehe, but looks good. Keep us updated after the first drive. Who is doing it for you?? :)
Davey C

Davey C

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micra man said:
Keep us updated after the first drive. Who is doing it for you?? :)
dont you worry i will, well i will when i have ran out of petrol or ive broken something lol

its has been a good effort from a lot of people. priceless information from ed...he seriously deserves loads of respect, he's like a walking car encyclopedia lol, parts from james T and ebay then a couple from other sources and then richard down at karkraft has been a hero, sorted all the custom bits and kept the prices down. i have been with out my car now for too long and it is currently at thor racing getting mapped up on the dyno. lets just hope they do a good job.

cheers for all the kind words i'll keep you posted as and when anyting else develops.


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Looking good, a lot of passion has gone into that car and it's definately paid off!!!!! :D


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Thanks for the comment Dave, honestly its nice to feel appreachiated. Just a shame you were too far for me to do the mapping for you. Get any probs though let me know :)


Thats great progress for such a short space of time! Very interesting thread.


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you couldnt of turbo'ed a better k11 imo that car looks mint, alot of care and time has gone into it by the looks of it

well done


well done mate..me n robbo kinda sussed you out at mids meet :D

the engine looks as tidy as the rest of the car....take it easy


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wow this is so so nice, as posted earlier in another thread about me feeling bit upset on the micra situation goin on jus now this has sort of refilled my desire to complete my car to same standard :D

i absolutely love it great work and looks really subtle in everyway!



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There will be more soon to further inspire you - dont worry about that!


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lookin good would b nice to know how it performs also what u mean by internally shorted koni;s? but i think someone should stick a nsf 56k warning on the title cuz theres like a million pictures...


Zephyr said:
lookin good would b nice to know how it performs also what u mean by internally shorted koni;s? but i think someone should stick a nsf 56k warning on the title cuz theres like a million pictures...
i think koni make them so that they dont bottom out when you use lowering springs...the adjustable part breaks easily after a while.or so larkspeed told me


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Looking good, take it you have a rear fog light though...
How much work did the IC need, looks a good nice fit, how muc hboost you planning on running?


Looks well tidy m8, kept it well quiet, hopefully will see it at donny
Davey C

Davey C

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ok people, its raining outside so its no fun to play anymore. ive bullied enough cars so im ok for now, gonna wait and see if it dry's up a bit then ill be going back out to hunt "faster" cars lol

An update for you, i picked the car up late on yesterday. i have included the graphs so you can all see the results.

At first i wasnt too pleased with the results...untill i drove it, Muwhahahahahah this car is SO much fun, ah hahahahahahahahaha i love it!

i would write more but i'll wait until its asked as a question and then ill answer it.

Seriously impressed and plenty more to come... :)



take it easy man...

nice car nice engine :D

what cars you played with then??


maybe with some adjsutments to the igntion and fuel map that 5psi can give a bit more power. 120bhp@fly perhaps?, that would be a bit more healthy.


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yeah it might be mapped slightly rich for saftey, or mapped so it can still use 95 RON. Better to be safe then go for slight more power and pop it.
Davey C

Davey C

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solarice said:
how much did it cost you to get it mapped ? if you dont mind me asking...

just out of curiosity :D
far too much! go and see ed, i dont reccomend thor!

yup your right ian it is mapped for 95RON fuel, figured it was more available and i dont want to have to drive around with octane boosters in the boot all the time incase i cant get any.

it is mapped very rich and therefore safe. 5.5psi of boost is only achieved at redline so im basically tootling around on 3psi and not often taking it above 4K as there is no need lol. (up to 4/5K then change and the torque just drags the car along so well.) overtaking is such a pleasure quick prod of the throttle and you are infront :)

had an oil leak yesterday, noticed it while getting an exhaust piced up. it was the turbo oil feed, was a bit loose so that was taken out cleaned and tightend back up. then i had the intercooler hitting off the inside of the firewall under acceleration so i have removed an inch length from the samco and brought the IC further away from the firewall so that is all good now too.

other than that i havent had any problems. lets see what the next 500miles have in store lol.

when i got the car back i was advised to get airflow to the IC as soon as possible, as this will release approx another 10bhp, then i was also advised to increase the exhaust size from the cat back as at the moment its tiny. only 1 3/4 inch. apparently this will release another 5ish bhp and increase the torque peak and also improve the boost :)

these are all thing that were planned already but i just wanted the car running first to see if there are any other problems before spending more money. need to get the problems fixed first, then improve.

there is so much more that is possible now that the first hurdle is crossed. so now im just going to enjoy the car as it is for a month or so then the mods will start again. however this time i will keep you all posted in this thread rather than keeping quiet lol

already planned:
charge cooler - fusion motorsport
Larger exhaust system - powerflow
Heat shield on the turbo - custom


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i was looking at the pics then i saw an intercooler i was like WTF? then i saw the turbo and it all made sense.

need to whack up the boost next!!

good job looks neat where did u get it done from?


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i would like some more information on exactly how you turbo'd your car as im in the middle of buying parts for mine..

how did you route your oil and water lines for instance?... and who made your exhaust?

thank you


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you need to decide how you want the turbo to spool up. Low revs and Low boost small turbo fun for acceleration. Or top end performance bigger turbo more push.

Then upon that start to build and collect parts. The bigger and faster you go the more you need to upgrade the rest of the components. It can cost quite a few bob if you dnt plan it out at this stage.


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if im honest, and i usualy am.... i am after.. just about 120-130 bhp... about the same as my 309 GTI, but with that turbo "pssst" lol (no im not a chav)

so im after a small turbo, probs one not capable of any more than 10psi.. and would run it at no more than 7,

i can have any exhaust made for me, (except manifold) and my dad used to work for turbo technics, (but i dont want to tell him what im doing)

the only thing i am getting stuck on is the oil lines and water lines for cooling, where do i tap the block or can i just route an oil cooler to the turbo? can i use existing pipes and splice in? ermm.... im sure ill think of something else..

ooh yeah, what is the minimum boost you can get away with if you use the standard ecu and use 1.6 injectors with a fuel pressure regulator.???

thanks dudes (i cant believe i just said that)
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