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I am still alive. You might be wondering why I haven't posted anything in around half a year. That's because I went to Finland, and got stuck.
This time, I'm driving my N13 back home, but the world has become a strange sub-apocalypse and driving through Europe is currently unwise, and really expensive (multiple private COVID tests are needed!).
But today, I got some K11 parts.
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Firstly, some seat heater switches. Some with plugs. These can be slotted into any normal-sized blank slot in Nissans of the K11 generation (these could go in an arm rest, for example).
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I also got these first facelift centre panels, with seat heater switches and headlight washer buttons all built in. These two have been on order for a couple of people since last summer, so they'll probably be posted as soon as I come home.
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And finally, some tail lights. They are all first-facelift. I got one for free because there is a crack on the brake/tail part of the lens. These are all LHD lights, so the fog and reverse lamps are switched over. Meaning that you could make your car have either dual rear fogs, or dual reverse lights.
All of the parts I've bought are unique to Scandinavia/Nordic countries (other than the tail lights, but they are not available in the UK), so that's why I've bought them.
On Saturday, I'll be meeting a friend and he'll have something extra special for my K11 way back at home. I'll keep what it is quiet until then, but I'll say one thing; it's something to flex (providing it fits).
I'm now aiming to come home at the end of this month, and I'll be meeting one last K11 owner who will sell me some parts.

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