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If someone could please delete my previous blog it would be much appreciated.

Right then, I bought my car in June this year completely standard for £900 its a R reg k11 facelift 1.0l tempest. The thing that drew me to it is the colour im always getting asked if its a custom job lol.

Since buying it has changed alot, the 1st thing i did was paint the front grill from chrome to all black to go with the orange and black look i was goin for, i then sorted out an induction kit which is a nismo imitation filter, i then got hold of a sportex backbox which with the filter gave the car a nice exhaust note, then i added a renault laguna front splitter which was easy to fit it just needed cutting etc.

After saving up for a while i was able to buy my wheels which are 15" team dynamics pro races and after fitting realised it looked like a bit of a monster truck so i thin lowered it 40mm on tien s tech springs.

I left the car alone for a while then and just enjoyed how well it handled but started to get sick of being thrown around so then fitted a set of cobra monaco s bucket seats with luke harnesses and stripped all the back out.

When i bought the car i knew at some point it was going to need a new exhaust as the original one was rusty and as i suspected the 1st thing to snap was just below the manifold so i decided to fit a janspeed manifold, after fitting that exactly a week later the center section snapped so i bought a stainless steel cat back system and also fitted a de cat pipe so as you can imagine its stupidly loud :)

Latest mod is my rev gauge with shift lights as originally the car doesnt come with one.

Plans for the future are to carpet the back of the car and get a couple of subs etc not too over the top though and also i have a 1.3 ready to go in which i am planning to turbo or supercharge.......... i havent decided which yet........ anyway heres some piks of how my cars looking i have loads more but dont want to put to many on lol, feel free to ask any question or leave any suggestions of what i can change or add etc :)




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