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Red Celebration Revamp

looks like bad news I'm afraid jonny isn't very well so a don't think he will be over mine for to finish the next part of his update :(

he could just MAN THE FOOK UP THO
Rights Quick update well kind of tonight jonny is going to have to update this thread as I will be finishing the next part off today. :)
:D Liking the magic, effort and attention to detail. Cool car i really like wat you have done to the roof liner and door cards. :D
Morning guys, i love a pre-work update obviously. Well i've finally got this update you guys wanted... and to be honest i hope it's worth the wait :D.

So Chogy went to the scrappy's not too long ago and let me know there was some lovely black and red seats available for 80 quid. After seeing a few pictures i had to have em, what goes better with my door cards than black and red seats. We went and picked em up from the scrappy a couple of weeks ago and had to wrestle em out of the Corolla they were in. Lots of ratcheting, cuts and swearing later we got em out. As well as a cheeky gear gater from the same model. Waste not want not eh. We did some basic measuring and reckoned they should fit in without too much hassle. We were wrong (ish) at the end of it all. But they're in and i'm well pleased. Now for the pic round up.

Just a reminder of what i had in before. The cheeky little stained beauty's that they are.

So this is what she looked like with no front seats in, nice and easy to remove, 4 bolts at each corner. Slides straight out.




Backs. I Love the headrests in them and the central seat belt as opposed to lap belt makes a cheeky little addition which i love.


First steps on the front is removing the little pins that were there and bending the front legs down to match the positions on the old micra ones. On these we also had to remove the back lot of supports and weld them on in a completely different position to make em fit. Took a bit longer than we reckoned, and i now have some lovely burn marks in my carpet from the welding. Nowt a few car matts won't hide though.


The start of the backs means you have to tilt forward and get into the mechanisms themselves. clip em out, unscrew etc.


And this is what it'll look like with the seats out at the back. As a side note don't ever touch that circular thing in the middle. that's your fuel tank apparently. I got warned by chog never to touch it.


We had to cut em to make em fit over the arches. There was a good bit of pipe around the entire thing but got a grinder on it, cur it out and then drilled holed in to tie rap the seats onto the frame at the back. (GHETTO MODS RIGHT HERE) Yes Tie Raps, they're not the prettiest of things initially but any thing we did was covered by the back covers and hides it all so no one is any the wiser.


And this is what they looked like inside the car. towards the arches they're a little bunched in, but hey they're in, look incredible (in my opinion) and are comfy to sit in so meh.


And what is probably my favourite view of them all. Shows everything together and shows the consistency throughout. Cheers Chog!

And thanks guys for reading
More ghetto than it looked when I got home, didn't realise you'd cut so much away from the seat frame!
Yeah the back seats bunching over the arches and the front corners going over the dips at the sides are the only thing that let them down! Still look incredible otherwise. :D
Andddd you owe me my front seatbelt buckles back from the almera ;) Either way we've gotta grab some more from the scrappy on Saturday if we go! :D

What's total spend so far have you worked it out properly yet?
same fag ?
You really are the same!

Also, that SR we have in, get the interior and clocks out of it today! Put jonnys old seats in, and doorcards if you can swap the electric windows out too!) and persuade dad to swap the tailgate so we have a wrap around if he cant pull the spoiler off on its own :)

v Clarification: Not for you Jonny no, just to keep as the body panels are all a mess, but interior is perfect, be a waste to send it out when its a cheapy if it didnt go to a club member.. Hence why Im saying swap it out. Its a shame we couldnt swap the 1.3 out too otherwise you couldve possibly ended up with it in yours :(
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