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Standard Celebration 1.0

Bought for £700 last May @ 84000 miles looking like this:

Now has Si dials, GX speakers and will soon have the arch trims off a GX.

Still looking the same 9 months on, filthy today mind you.

there's a rust patch on the front wing however that's been getting worse, there's a possibility the last owner of the car parking it against a wall.

It's recently started attacking the rear arch.

Armed with some tiger seal and masking tape I plan to attach the back ones on soon and then the front (when I can be arsed to swap the front wing)

Here is a test fit

Thanks for looking, hope to have it properly cleaned and polished after the tiger seal has been applied (when I find a sealant gun)
Things done today, put new panel on.

Millions of rusted nuts, complete ballache to do.

It's just started raining, so the plan is finish it up tomorrow:

1) Get the allignment just right (there's a crease in the corner I'm going to have a look at)
2)Fix the liner up.
3)Plug the indicator back in lol
4) Sort out the headlamp wobble (think it's literally a screw that needs putting back in
5) Get some touch up paint

Eventually get it washed.

I think the panel colour match is nearly spot on, barely noticeable.
Found the reason behind the wobbly headlamp.

Job jobbed without drilling :

New wing to be picked up Tuesday as the one I put on has a huge crease in it.

Also, this arrived today. £4 off ebay :