Rad fan temp sensor killed NATS?

So my week is getting worse, especially as wifey is without her dog walking transport šŸ˜³ and it's all my fault as per.

Had a problem with rad fan not working so I shorted it to the battery and away it goes. Next step was to track down the temp sensor and short the wires there which I assume ought to isolate the sensor as the problem.

However, I find three wires which I'm assuming just mean a two speed fan like the old K11 was I believe? So I short two and nothing, except for a very quiet humming noise that I'm unable to source. I then short two more and get a spark so I stop.

Then, soon as I turn the ignition on the fan starts up unbidden. That I could live with for now, except when I try to start it, she turns over for two seconds and cuts out and is then dead thereafter. Yes youve guessed it, the NATS light is on.

Any suggestions as to what I might have buggered up and how painful the solution is going to be? šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­
Tried No2 key, same result so I guess it's NATS that's knackered. Tried key programming process, turned for three seconds then nothing. I also disconnected the plug to the rad fan temp sensor and the fan STILL starts up as soon as I turn the ignition key so clearly I've permanently shorted something somewhere; could be in the plug I suppose but knowing my luck it's somewhere else.

At this rate the old girl is headed for the scrapper unless I can find out what second hand bits I need to source šŸ˜­