k13 2011 Micra Thermo Fan / Temp Warning light.

Hello folks.

My missus has a 2011 K13 Micra ST 1.2 Auto. with about 118,000 KM on the clock. Full service history due
for a service in 2K but today when we were driving around today at midday Australian summer day 40 Degrees Celcius we had the Aircon on max (4) it wasn't cooling very well and the red temp warning came on. I immediately turned off the AC and (dropped windows) I was on a sliproad in traffic so I couldn't pull over, within 30 seconds the light had gone off.

When I could pull over I opened the bonnet coolant was full radiator cap was hot as hell but when isn't it. We were close to home so drove home 5 hours later and about 10 degrees cooler we went for a 5 kilometer drive to feed a friends dog. I turned the AC to max again (it was cool and working much better) we arrived with no warning lights so I left the car idle for 5 minutes while she fed the dog. I opened the bonnet and noticed the Thermofan was doing nothing.

I gave the car a pretty serious revving for 10 seconds and couldn't get it to start. We drove home and it didn't start on the trip home. I don't know what temp these thermofans normally engage but I have to guess it would be running almost always when the AC is on? maybe I am wrong.

Anyway I removed the coolant RES and was trying to find the fan sensor so I could bridge it with a paperclip and "MAKE" it work to at least check if that was the issue. Problem is I cannot find it. The lead from the fan hits a plug and that goes into a taped up 5 pronged octapus of cables. Does anyone know where the fan sensor is on the K13 or what other sensors or plugs I might test. I tried to find the fan relay in that rats nest of a fuse box it only appears to be a 40 amp fuse not relay for the thermofan? but moving wires in that fuse box feels like I am going to rip or tear wires free what a terrible design.

I have taken some engine bay photos if someone could point out where I might be able to bridge a connection for the fan or where the temp sensor is I can power resist test them and get replacements if need be.


I want to just think a middle of a super hot day drive is just a random aboration and the car is fine (especially with coolant and water fine and no steam of drips or leaks but this is a motor vehicle if I turn my back on it it will destroy me. When does a micra thermo fan start normally. Any advice would be super helpful cheers for your time. Spooler