Qg18 throttle body and fuel rail on a CGA3

Hi everybody,

I was thinking about replacing my stock t/b with a qg18 one.
It Will directly fit? If not, which modifications I have to do? I Think qg18 Maf can communicate with stock CGA3, but other sensors?
I have qg18 fuel injectors with rail, can it fit directly on cga, with a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator?

Many thanks

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I think the footprint is the same fr CGA3 and CG13, so i suppose i can fit the GA16 one. My only doubt is about sensors, beacuse mine are earlier and different (Bosch)....
ook, i'd like to ask 2 for questions?

1) what's the original t/b bore?
2) anyone know QG18 t/b bore and if is it difficult to fabricate an adapter plate?

many thanks