K11 1.4 CGA3 P0171 Tried everything

Hello everybody, im new to the forums here and im losing my mind over the p0171. I tried everything changing the o2 sensors, the tps and tried different mafs. Also checked the fueling, like the pump injectors and got good pressure. I have no air leak anywhere in the intake or the exhaust but I cant seem to find the solution. I can't get my hands on a original bosch MAF so im still kinda leaning towards the MAF seeing as the micra drives normally when unplugged.
When the Maf is plugged in the sort term fuel just goes straight to 25% when cruising and drops a little bit when accelerating in closed loop. When the long term also becomes 25% i get the error code. I hope someone knows what could be the problem, or maybe can help me get an original bosch MAF or a replacement that should work.
Bad maf. Ive tried numerous off brand mafs and all where ****. Fitted a genuine bosch and problem solved. some people also have success with a bosch qg18de maf.