Post an up-to-date picture of your K10!


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I thought I would start up a fresh topic, so we could all post 1 picture of our K10's. It will be interesting to see how they are all looking at the moment.

I will start off with 1 of mine. I have posted the picture before, but the car still looks the same. :)


Lets see those K10's! :D



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Damn i'm at home and i left my digi cam at uni :(
My car is currently covered in mud, and rolling on 14" Honda Civic steelies and looking generally shabby. Super S spoiler should be on tommorow :D


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the beast
as it is at the moment


as it was before i started the major work



the super




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wanna colour code the door handles next and replace the drivers door with a dent free one :)
anyone know how i could raise the ride height at the back slightly???









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Yeh she is :( i only got £230 for her aswell, was well annoyed, so i just thot id bump up my personal claim lol but not had any luck with that yet....Wayne are you still wantin those shocks??


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so james u brought the camper

aint been online for ages

MARK - put the standard springs on the back, there not that bad...
Still looks pretty standard. Going to put my meshed grill on this weekend and maybe colour code the bumpers, so it will start to take shape.



Thats a nice car but Iv'e got a couple of questions!

1) What size are the rims?

2) Why does the back look so high?

Nice k10!

MA 12.5 :-p

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i wud put a pic up of mine.... but
1) i dont have any pics of my own car :(
2) its not at my house so i cant go take any either and
3) u prob still all know it as Andy B's car!


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im from the wirral in the north west. I dont know if any of you will have heard of it but its near liverpool and chester. Iv been doing my micra up since summer n i thought its might b a one off. Seeing done up corsas and novas everywhere i seem to be on my own with my micra up here! Its really good to see other people taking such an interest in this great car!

To answer you questions;
the wheels are "excite" 15"
the back has been raised slightly due to trouble with the wheels catching, its an on going problem but rasing it has solved the problem for now.
the micra is an lx meteor 1.0L
i dont usually park there, its just at the end of a friends road! That picture is taken on new brighton prom is any of you have heard of it...

I've got to go but i will post some more pictures later...


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i've seen that k10 before simmo,

your the guy who came to see my old K10 1.2 LS and never bought it arnt you?

a pic to jog your memory perhaps?



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mark you can get clamps that will raise or lower springs from halfrauds they look etremly dangerous and i wouldnt recomend them ;)


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yeah, i recognised your car and your road when i was looking throgh the forum last night. I liked you k10 but was hoping to find somewith with beter paint work so i could transfer parts straight over without having to respray them.

I dont like the back how it is at the moment, the problem is the wheels are slightly too wide and where catching everytime i hit went round a corner! I've had the back raised by welding steel plates to the bottom of the back suspention on both sides. Its not ideal but it will do for now. On the positive side its great fun sitting in it now, feels dead high up! Im gonna look in to getting hold of some stiffer springs and bringing it back down again sometime in the future.

As for the interior i havent done all that much. Iv added a few bits of trim, put in a few lights, fitted speakers in to the door pannels etc. Im hoping you guys can help me with what sorts of seats i can fit in the car etc...

I hope you guys can give me some ideas on kits/bumpers/spliters/arches etc i can fit to my k10..

heres a few more pictures..


Before i had my wheels fitted along with the back being raised..




some of those are a bit old now but u get the idea..


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if your having trouble try these links..

stick the images on and paste the links in here


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does that work? will put the others on later if it does..


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towbar off lower it and nice exhaust = job done :D

come on peeps there has to me more k10 owners in the club than this lets see em :p


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well thats the plan! its all a matter of time really, somethin i seem to have a lack of! When ur studying maths an physics A level n have apart time job spare time is not common! I need to keep the tow bar unfortunatly as we use it for towing quite often.


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theres another, not the best but the sites being weird so cant get any more!